Ed Hughes

How to Make and Upholster Brand-New Door Cards

Ed Hughes
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Duration:   33  mins

Ed demonstrates a simple upholstery project and demonstrates how to make and upholster a set of door cards from scratch. Over time door cards can get warped and water damaged, so fitting a new set is a simple way to make your car’s interior look great. Ed shares his tips on choosing the right types of material to use to make the door cards, the tools required, and how to prepare a set of bare door cards. To sew a design into the upholstery isn’t difficult, and Ed shows you how to create a decorative stitching effect. Finally, he shows you how to attach the new facings to the door cards and how to fit the card into the car door to achieve a neat and tidy finish.

What will you learn?

  • How to make the board and the right materials to use
  • Covering the board in padding and vinyl
  • How to create a decorative stitching effect on the facing
  • Attaching the facing to the door cards
  • How to fit the door cards to your car

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