Ed Hughes

How to Create the Perfect Seal on Cylinder Head, Manifold and Rocker Cover Gaskets

Ed Hughes
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Duration:   12  mins

In this practical demonstration video from SkillShack with Practical Classics, Ed Hughes takes the theory behind the different gasket materials and types and put it into practice by demonstrating how to replace an MGB cylinder head gasket and inlet manifold seal. He discusses the best and safest methods of cleaning the surface prior to installation. Clean mating surfaces are essential for a gasket or seal to be effective and so the various methods of preparing that surface are discussed.

If faces are damaged or warped, they’ll need to be refaced and larger or cast-iron components may need skimming at a machine shop before gaskets are installed. Ed Hughes explains this as part of this classic car maintenance video.

He also discusses the benefits of using sealants to reinforce gaskets and seals, usually a synthetic rubber compound that is applied thinly before assembly. Sealant is a belt-and-braces approach, which should provide extra protection against leakage between old and imperfect components.

The installation includes a broad explanation on how to tighten and torque bolts in the correct sequence and to the correct specifications on any flat metal mating surface. This is particularly important when the torque required is very large such as on cylinder head gaskets or when the metal is very fragile such as on sumps and rocker covers. These techniques are demonstrated on our example MGB GT.

This video includes: Things to check before installation – sizing, fitment and warping. Cleaning surfaces of old gasket material on the bench. Choosing when to use a sealant. Fitting a gasket, bolt patterns and torque settings.

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