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  • 10:53
    Removing and Renewing a Propshaft Universal Joint

    Removing and Renewing a Propshaft Universal Joint

    Hardy Spicer Universal Joint removal and renewal can be done at home. A huge vice is often required but in this course we show you an alternative method to use at home with basic tools. From tips on maintaining propshaft balance, keeping circlips in order and the importance of grease application this video tutorial covers... Read more »

  • 5:56
    How to Renew and Adjust a Tapered Roller Wheel Bearing

    How to Renew and Adjust a Tapered Roller Wheel Bearing

    Wheel bearings are a common MOT failure and source of vibration in classic cars. In this detailed step-by-step guide we cover stripping, cleaning, removal, replacement, fitting and final adjustment of tapered front wheel bearings. This includes top tips on replacing bearing races, removing stubborn split pins and advice on how to inspect stub axles for... Read more »

  • 4:06
    How to Safely Check Brake Discs and Drums for Warping

    How to Safely Check Brake Discs and Drums for Warping

    Warped discs or brake drums can cause vibration or pulsing under braking. This video course shows you how to safely measure and diagnose warping or distortion of braking components and offers top tips on what to do if you find a problem. Our methods cover diagnosing and measurement of run out and tolerances on both... Read more »

  • 6:35

    How to Road Test for the Sources of Vibration in Your Classic Car

    Join Ed Hughes as he heads out on the road to describe how various sources of vibration feel when driving your classic car. Braking vibrations, tyre and wheel related issues, worn or badly adjusted wheel bearings and even failing engine mounts can all be felt on a road test. Find out how to diagnose your... Read more »

  • 8:16

    The Classic Tyre Guide – Checking for Defects and Static Balancing Your Wheels at Home

    Many vibration issues can be traced to deformed or damaged tyres. In this video course, you will discover how to inspect your tyres for signs of wear, bulging and other faults in order to diagnose vibration. Also we show you how to carry out static wheel balancing at home to fix wheel wobble and vibration... Read more »

  • 13:54

    Squealing Belts! How to Check, Test and Replace Them

    In this video lesson, Ed Hughes provides an easy guide to making sure all your drive belts are in tip-top condition. Ed talks through effective ways to isolate squealing belt problems, and shows the best way to remove the fan belt from your classic car and check it for wear.

  • 5:03

    How to Test and Refill Anti-freeze

    Ed Hughes recommends the most suitable anti-freeze to use for your classic car and the correct type of water to use with your anti-freeze. He also gives some top tips on how to make sure your classic car doesn’t overheat by ensuring you use the correct quantity. Find out how and why you should use... Read more »

  • 5:36

    How to Remove, Check and Replace a Thermostat

    Ed reveals all you need to know about removing, checking and replacing a thermostat. He explains how the thermostat works, what can go wrong and a basic test you can perform to check if the thermostat is working properly.

  • 16:03

    Stop your classic car overheating – the 5 common faults

    If you’ve ever sat in traffic and watched the temperature needle go into the red you need to watch this video. Ed Hughes describes the simple checks you need to do to make sure your classic doesn’t overheat.