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  • 9:56

    An Introduction to Classic Car Wood: Common Issues and Varnish Removal

    Many classic cars are lavished with wooden trim, from dashboards to door capping’s. Other classic cars are even made of wood, such as pre-war vintage vehicles and classic cars such as our Practical Classics Morris Minor Traveller demonstration car. With time, inevitably the original finish of wood both on the interior and exterior of a

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  • 12:51

    How to Create the Perfect Seal on Cylinder Head, Manifold and Rocker Cover Gaskets

    In this practical demonstration video from SkillShack with Practical Classics, Ed Hughes takes the theory behind the different gasket materials and types and put it into practice by demonstrating how to replace an MGB cylinder head gasket and inlet manifold seal. He discusses the best and safest methods of cleaning the surface prior to installation.

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  • 3:53

    High Pressure Gasket Guide for Brakes and Oil Seals

    There are many other types of seals found in a classic car aside from gaskets and these seals need to be installed correctly. High-pressure seals in fuel injection systems, banjo fittings on fuel lines and brake calipers, copper washers and paper gaskets are all used as methods of sealing and some of these joints are

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  • 7:14

    The Complete Guide to Flat Surface Gaskets and Tips for Use

    In this SkillShack how-to video, Ed Hughes explores and explains the various types of gaskets that can be used to maximum effectiveness for leak-free jointing on flat surfaces within a classic car engine. Understanding the types of materials and design features of the various gaskets you are likely to need is key to correct installation

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  • 18:53

    How to Balance Twin Carburettors

    In this ‘how-to’ video guide from Skill Shack, Ed Hughes talks you through a procedure which can be used to tune and synchronise twin carburettors without specialist equipment. As a result of watching this video tutorial, you’ll have the necessary skills to help you get your classic car’s engine running smoothly with increased power and

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  • 15:30

    How to Diagnose a Roadside Breakdown

    In this video tutorial, we show you what to check for if your classic car breaks down out on the road. The aim of this is to give you the skills to spot the basic common breakdown symptoms, remedy them in a logical order and perform a fix good enough to see you home safely

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  • 5:49

    Edd China’s Basic Classic Car Health Checks: Paperwork and Exterior Checks

    Although pre 1960 classic cars are no longer required to pass an MoT test, they must still be roadworthy by law. Performing a classic car health check at home is well within the capability of most owners and even if your classic car isn’t MoT exempt, giving it an MoT at home in readiness for

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  • 5:13

    Edd China’s Basic Classic Car Health Checks: Inspecting Classic Car Lights and Tyres

    Around 20% of classic car MoT failures are related to lighting and signalling, and another 10% are tyre related. In this SkillShack video, Edd China shares his top tips on how to check that your classic car lights and indicators are working correctly. Edd also runs through some essential close-up inspection checks you should complete

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  • 4:00

    Edd China’s Basic Classic Car Health Checks: Inspecting Under the Bonnet

    In this SkillShack video, Edd China looks under the bonnet of a classic car and shows you how to check the wiring, the battery and the structure of the engine bay. Edd demonstrates how to check for corrosion or damage around mounting points, essential steering checks, the brake fluid level and brake lines. Finally, Edd

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