• how-to-clearn-your-soldering-iron

    Cleanliness is key when soldering. It’s good practice to clean the iron. Simply heat the iron and wipe it on a damp piece of tissue paper and you should see the tip of the iron become shiny again with a good coat of solder on it. If this doesn’t work, try letting it cool down

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  • ignition-explained

    The high tension system provides a spark at the right time giving you the ‘Bang’ required to propel your car forward. For more helpful tips from Skill Shack, check out our Classic Car Electrics course.

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  • Basic Principles of Electrics

    It is important to understand basic principles before progressing. In its simplest form, an electrical circuit is the flow of electrons from the positive side of the battery through a component back to the other battery terminal. For more tips on auto electrics, visit our course Classic Car Electrics.

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