• how-to-protect-your-paint

    Rich and Bert show you how to add the finishing touches to your car with a guide to wax and polish, finishing with metal polish & sealant and glass sealant. In this class you will learn about: Using glass cleaner and sealant Cleaning, restoring and dressing trim Polishing chrome Waxing for a pristine finish

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  • how-to-machine-polish-like-a-professional

    In this class machine polishing a car is covered in depth and how you can use it to remove very fine scratches and imperfections. Professional detailer Rich runs thorough the different types of equipment you can use to get a great finish. You’ll learn: Which pads and compounds to use when machine polishing Tips and… Read more »

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  • deep-cleaning-wheels

    Having removed all surface dirt during the washing phase, Bert and Rich move on to the decontamination stage of detailing a car. Rich demonstrates how to remove deeply embedded grime from the car wheels using fallout remover and tar solvent. Bert will teach you how to decontaminate your paintwork using all-purpose cleaner, the fallout remover… Read more »

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  • wash-your-car-correctly

    Bert and Rich show Matt Tomkins the essential car wash equipment and techniques to minimise scratching the car paintwork. In this class you’ll learn how to: Pre-wash the car with snow foam using a domestic pressure washer The two-bucket wash method Rinse and drying techniques

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  • how-to-clean-and-detail-your-car

    With each class in the course, Bert and Rich from Professional Valeters, will teach you about the right products, equipment and techniques to use to wash and detail your car. Follow Bert and Rich as they demonstrate how to achieve perfect wheels, remove deeply embedded grime, machine polish like a professional and more.

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