• How to prepare for and apply primer from an aerosol correctly

    How to Prepare for and Apply Primer From an Aerosol Correctly

    In this detailed video tutorial on classic car resprays, Michael Coman shows you how to prepare for and apply primer on a panel to professional standards using an aerosol. Degreasing is the first essential step, followed by the use of tack cloths and various grades of abrasive paper and pads to prepare the surface for…

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  • How to create a soft edge by French masking a paint repair

    How to Create a Soft Edge by French Masking a Paint Repair

    When repairing just part of a panel where the new paint must blend into the existing paintwork, then the technique of roll edge masking or French masking is invaluable for ensuring that no visible join exists on the edge of the panel repair. This skill is employed by professional body shops when respraying both classic…

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  • 6:12

    Masterclass on Masking Materials

    This video will help you avoid the pitfalls of classic car resprays and bodywork by giving you the knowledge only professionals can have on what types of materials you can use for different applications when masking up ahead of respraying your classic car. From masking paper and polythene to the various masking tapes, Michael Coman…

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  • 7:16

    Professional Masking Techniques for Localised Paint Repairs

    Masking is a crucial skill to master when respraying classic car bodywork. In this video tutorial you will see how to effectively degrease and mask off an area of a classic car panel for paint repair. Michael will show you the types of tape and paper to use and how, along with some clever tricks…

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  • 5:02

    A Masterclass on Masking Arches and Apertures for Painting

    When you respray a classic car to repair paintwork or change its colour, door apertures and wheel arches can be tricky things to mask off. In this video tutorial Michael shows you the professional bodyshop techniques so you can achieve the best bodywork repairs possible on your classic car. He’ll demonstrate the best way to…

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  • 8:57

    A Masterclass on Masking Windscreens, Windows and Trim for Paint

    It is not always possible to remove a windscreen when respraying a classic car and they can be one of the most difficult areas to protect from overspray by masking. In this video tutorial Michael Coman will show you how to do it with some clever tricks of the trade to help you achieve the…

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  • 6:17

    How to Identify and Treat Paint Faults in Existing Paintwork

    In this how to video, Michael Coman will help you to understand what causes each different type of paint fault in classic car bodywork in order to help you choose the correct method of preparation and repair for your classic car’s paint. Some faults require only minor surface preparation, whilst others require extensive treatment, often…

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  • 8:43

    How to Choose the Right Paint System for a Bare Metal Respray

    From cellulose to clear over base coat, acrylic and two pack, the variety of classic car paint systems and their applications can be daunting. In this tutorial video Michael shows you how to identify different paint systems. He will help you understand the equipment required and the individual properties of each type of paint to…

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  • 3:36

    What You Need to Mix Paint for Classic Cars Properly

    Mixing paint properly is crucial to achieving a good standard of finish when preparing and painting your classic car restoration project. In this video, Michael not only teaches you how to mix classic car paint properly, but he’ll also show you how to read and understand the manufacturers technical specification sheets. This tutorial video covers…

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