Danny Hopkins

MGB Service Guide

Danny Hopkins
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In this course you will learn the essential service techniques any owner needs to maintain their MGB in their own workshop. From engine checks to brakes and tyres, you’ll leave this course knowing what to do when you step into your garage to service your ‘B’.
In our first class, Danny and Clive inspect a number of components under the bonnet before starting the engine. Cold engine checks are recommended for taking a closer look at hoses and other smaller parts.
In the second half of our cold engine check, Danny and Clive remove the spark plugs and leads to assess health of the engine. They also inspect the brake and clutch fluid reservoirs, oil and coolant. Before cracking on with the warm engine inspection.
Next in the process, we’ll fire up the MGB to have a look, a listen and a feel at how the engine is running. Danny and Clive teach you how to complete warm engine checks, paying particular attention to the sounds, the smells and the vibrations emanating from the car. Learn to diagnose abnormalities like a professional.
Now that we’ve checked and serviced the MGB’s engine, it’s time to look under its belly at the front end. Danny and Matt take a look at everything on the front of the car, from the suspension to the steering column and tyres. Essential elements in any service.
Danny and Matt work their way backwards along the drive train, inspecting every part from the gearbox to the differential and driveshafts. This class ends with the safety critical brake assessment.
6 Lessons
1  hrs 50  mins

The MGB has long been Britain’s favourite sports car (for good reason), and we’d like to keep that tradition alive, so today we’re teaching you some of the basic classic car maintenance tips necessary to complete an MGB restoration and service job.

Over the course of the next five videos, we’ll demonstrate the essential service techniques any classic car restorer needs if they want to drive the MGB in style and efficiency. From engine checks to brakes and many places in between, you’ll leave this course knowing what to do when you step into the garage and prepare for your next MGB restoration.

How it works

To give you a clear understanding of what you should do when you go through the process of an MGB restoration, our Skill Shack servicemen will teach you a new technique in each of five classes. Danny Hopkins, Matt Tomkins and Clive Jefferson will demonstrate some of the necessary skills you’ll need when you pop the bonnet on your own MGB, including:

  • Cold engine check, inspecting hoses, spark plugs and similar components in the engine bay
  • Warm engine check, assessing timing of ignition and turnover
  • Maintenance on suspension, brakes, axles, steering, wheels and tyres

Adjusting to your skills

Here’s the beauty of our courses: You don’t have to go in order. The goal with this video series is to show you a complete overview of an MGB restoration and servicing, from the first once-over to the final approval of the brakes. Thusly, each step in the course walks you through a new component on the classic car.

If at any point in the course you feel as if you already know how to complete one of these steps without assistance, go ahead and click on a later video and learn something new. As we like to say: go at your own pace, or don’t go at all. Happy restoring!

Danny Hopkins

As Editor of the biggest selling ‘hands-on’ classic car magazine in Britain, Danny Hopkins has led the restoration of hundreds of vehicles at the Practical Classics magazine workshop. In a journalistic career spanning two decades, he has reported on the restoration of cars of all eras and types and has, himself, owned and restored a wide variety of classics. His current projects range from a venerable 1960s Volvo 164 to a Jensen Interceptor.

Danny Hopkins

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