Ed Hughes

The Complete Guide to Flat Surface Gaskets and Tips for Use

Ed Hughes
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Duration:   7  mins

In this SkillShack how-to video, Ed Hughes explores and explains the various types of gaskets that can be used to maximum effectiveness for leak-free jointing on flat surfaces within a classic car engine. Understanding the types of materials and design features of the various gaskets you are likely to need is key to correct installation and replacement. Achieving the perfect seal on gaskets is essential to good classic car maintenance and reliability.

Where two components are fastened together and liquid or gas flows through the joint, the joint must be sealed. It’s often sealed with a gasket either made of paper, rubber or metal which is essentially a soft piece of material that is clamped between the two parts. In this video, Ed Hughes will talk you through the various types of gaskets, how they work and their various applications.

There are lots of different gaskets on a classic car and knowing what they all are and how they are correctly installed is crucial. Cylinder head gaskets, rocker-cover gaskets and O-rings all have particular techniques required for their installation. Ed Hughes will cover all the following aspects of seals and gaskets in this classic car maintenance video tutorial from SkillShack with Practical Classics.

The points covered include gasket construction, gasket types, O-rings and gasket materials.

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