• 4:28

    Edd China’s Basic Classic Car Health Checks: On the Road Tests

    In this video from Edd China’s classic car health check series, Edd shares his on the road checks. It’s important to pick a route that you know well, a route that includes speed bumps, roundabouts, a fast road and an empty deserted road to carry out an emergency stop. 10% of classic car MoT failures…

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  • 4:25

    Edd China’s Basic Classic Car Health Checks: A Detailed Look Underneath a Classic Car

    In this video from Edd China’s classic car health check video series, Edd takes a more detailed look underneath a classic car. Edd explains how to check the classic car wheels and listen for any grumbling of bearings, he demonstrates how to look for any play in the suspension joints and looks for any perishing…

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  • 9:04

    Mark’s Marques: A Video Guide to the Jaguar E-type

    In this special video guide to the Jaguar E-type, Practical Classics editor Danny Hopkins is joined by Mark Wilkinson, MD of Heritage Classic Car Insurance. In this video they look at a beautiful Jaguar Series 3 V12 E-type in primrose yellow and Mark bravely lets Danny have the keys! As you’ll see in this video,…

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  • 16:02

    Preparing Your Classic Car After Winter Storage

    After a period of inactivity, classic cars should be inspected and prepared carefully before it is safe to start them up and put them back on the road for the ppring. In this ‘How to’ video guide from Skill Shack, Ed Hughes takes you through the process of re-commissioning a classic car after the winter…

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  • 20:09

    How to Upgrade From Points to Electronic Ignition

    There are numerous kits available for classic cars to do away with the inefficient mechanical points ignition system and replace with a modern ‘fit and forget’ electronic system. No more gapping points! Whether the system you opt for is magnetic or optical, the principles involved in understanding how it works and how to fit it…

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  • 10:44

    Protecting Your Classic Car for Winter Use

    We support the idea of using classic cars all year round, and if you enjoy your cherished car in all weathers there should be no reason to worry about using the car through the winter – as long as a few simple steps are taken to protect it. We cover all those steps in this…

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  • 16:13

    Correct Winter Storage for Your Classic Car

    If you have opted to hibernate your classic car for the winter and put it into storage, there are a number of hints and tips that will help to ensure that it is preserved and protected right the way through until Spring. In this ‘How to’ video guide from Skill Shack we share with you…

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  • 12:53

    How to Install an Accessory Socket Properly

    Our classic cars have to endure the modern world of sat navs, mobile phones and other gadgets that we need to take with us and charge up. If your classic car does not have a cigar or cigarette lighter of old then you will probably want to install an accessory socket. In this video we…

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  • 19:41

    Upgrading Your Classic Car Dynamo to an Alternator

    Dynamos offer a perfectly serviceable system for classic cars that are used infrequently, but if you use your classic car often – and especially if you drive at night, have added accessories or even use things like sat navs and mobile phone chargers – that system will start to struggle. An alternator is the modern…

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