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How to Replace and Correctly Adjust Land Rover Wheel Bearings

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Duration:   12  mins

The Skill Shack with Practical Classics team plus colleagues from Land Rover Owner International magazine, join the Britpart team in their workshop to demonstrate how to use a Britpart Wheel Bearing Kit.

In this video, Martin from Land Rover Owner International magazine explains how to remove the hub from the vehicle, and demonstrate how to strip the old bearings out of the hub. The team then show you how to tap in the new bearings, ensuring that the new track goes in evenly. He talks through how to fit the new racers, and Fuzz Townshend shares his top tip (learnt on his first day working in a bus garage when he was 16!) on how to make sure the racers are properly lubricated before use to prevent wear. The team then show you how to replace the hub back on to the axel.

The Britpart Wheel Bearing Kit suits a Defender, Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic; and comes with all the parts needed to do the job properly.

Britpart is the leading independent wholesaler of Land Rover parts and accessories, shipping all over the world, to fit any Land Rover vehicle from 1970 to brand new. For more information visit visit

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