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How to Tune the Britpart Replacement Carburettor on Land Rover 2.25 Petrol Engines

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Duration:   6  mins

The Skill Shack with Practical Classics team plus colleagues from Land Rover Owner International magazine, join Britpart in their workshop to explain why it’s best to fit a replacement carburettor rather than rebuild an old one in a Land Rover 2.25 petrol engine. The team will demonstrate how to tune the new carburettor, getting the engine to run perfectly.

In this video, Martin from Land Rover Owner International magazine explains how to tune the replacement carburettor and adjust the fuel mixture and speed at idle, ensuring the engine runs sweetly at tick-over and the emissions are within MOT specification. Fuzz Townsend is on hand with a top video tip to explain why the balance of air and fuel through your carburettor is vital to the health of an engine.

Britpart offer their standard carburettor for petrol engines, plus a Weber carburettor that offers an upgrade in performance and economy. Britpart is the leading independent wholesaler of Land Rover parts and accessories, shipping all over the world, to fit any Land Rover vehicle from 1970 to brand new. For more information visit

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One Response to “How to Tune the Britpart Replacement Carburettor on Land Rover 2.25 Petrol Engines”

  1. Chris Wood

    I have found that the Gunsons Gastester reads about .4% high compared to the Krypton tune tester at the MOT garage, also you need to adjust and use it quickly before moisture causes it to drift.

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