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How to Replace Land Rover Swivel Housings With the Britpart Kit

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Duration:   10  mins

The Skill Shack with Practical Classics team plus colleagues from Land Rover Owner International magazine, join the Britpart team in their workshop to demonstrate how to use a Britpart kit to replace the swivel housings on a Land Rover.

The Britpart Swivel Housing Kit is suitable for all coil-sprung Land Rovers, and comes with all component parts needed to do the job properly. Signs that it’s time to change the swivel housing on your Land Rover are when you start to see oil leakage around parts of the swivel, or play in the swivel housing itself, usually caused by corrosion.

In this video, Martin from Land Rover Owner International magazine explains how to strip a Land Rover down to the swivel housing. He explains the best ways to fit the seals and bearings into the housing before it can be fitted back into the vehicle. The method for fitting the bearing outers can vary depending on the fit; sometimes they will go in carefully with a hammer, sometimes they can be pressed in gently with a vice or a press, or sometimes you need to heat them up or sweat them in to get them into place.

The team talk through their top tips for sliding the swivel housing seal over the back of the housing before offering it up to the axel. They explain how to fit the top swivel pin, using the shims supplied in the kit to ensure the right fit.

Fuzz Townshend is also on hand to share a top tip on how to measure rolling resistance, which can help you to set the swivel pre-load.

Britpart is the leading independent wholesaler of Land Rover parts and accessories, shipping all over the world, to fit any Land Rover vehicle from 1970 to brand new. For more information visit

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  1. DAVID

    Why is every other video now about Land Rovers?

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