• How to Replace a Wheel Arch

    How to Weld in a New Wheel Arch Panel – Step by Step

    Discover the different forms of welding and assess which is most appropriate for your car’s new wheel arch. Michael Coman discusses the pros and cons of each weld type, and teaches you how to install and weld a factory wheel arch in place of an old rusted component.

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  • Welding a Simple Patch Repair

    MIG Welding Masterclass: Welding a Patch Repair

    Taking care of a rotten part on your car can be challenging, but fixing the problem before it spreads is highly important for the overall integrity of the body. Michael Coman helps you through the often difficult process of removing a corroded section from a car’s frame and welding a simple patch to fill the gap and restore the strength of your vehicle.

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  • How to Get the Best Finish After Welding

    How to Get the Best Finish After Welding

    Michael Coman demonstrates the proper technique for achieving a sleek, even finish on a weld. You’ll learn about necessary safety equipment and the correct protocol for using various grinding and sanding tools to carefully wear down the weld until it is flush with the surfaces of your newly joined pieces.

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