Removal and Replacement of the A-Frame Ball Joint on Coil-Sprung Land Rovers with Britpart’s All-in-One Kit

Duration: 7:29

The Skill Shack with Practical Classics team plus colleagues from Land Rover Owner International magazine, visited Britpart in their workshop to demonstrate how to use Britpart’s all-in-one kit to a replace a damaged ball joint.

In this video, Martin from Land Rover Owner International magazine explains how to remove the damaged ball joint from underneath the vehicle, including tips to release the nut that hold the ball joint’s taper into the bracket on the top of the axel. In this video we show you how to fit a new ball joint and explain how to help prevent future damage to the newly fitted part. Fuzz Townshend is on hand with a video tip to show how a damaged ball joint affects the handling of your Land Rover and why a worn one should be replaced immediately.

The Britpart all-in-one ball joint kit, which comes with the new joint pressed into a bracket, is one of the most popular items in their range. Britpart is the leading independent wholesaler of Land Rover parts and accessories, shipping all over the world, to fit any Land Rover vehicle from 1970 to brand new. For more information visit visit

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