How to Create the Perfect Wood Finish: Surface Preparation, Products and Application

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Duration: 17:51

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In this SkillShack video how to guide, we will show you a simple method of refurbishing tired-looking wood trim and preserving it for the future.

Wood is a lovely material and is shown off at its best with a good finish. In the context of a car, that will probably mean an oil-based varnish of some sort, as it is resistant to water. This is as important inside the car as outside. Atmospheric damp and splashes of rain will mark many finishes such as French polish, Danish oil, etc.

We’ll show you a simple method of doing this and talk through some other options along the way. The tutorial includes a lesson on how to French polish, how to apply varnishes and other two part wood treatments, how to prepare wood for refurbishment and also how to deal with damage and staining.

This video covers: Wood stain, Resin varnish, French Polishing skills, Danish Oil and Sikkens two part protect, restore and finish system for interior and exterior wood on classic cars.