How to Make Classic Car Overmats: Measuring, Choosing Materials, Templates and Cutting to Fit

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Duration: 11:49

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In this SkillShack tutorial video, we will show you how to make a couple of overmats for your classic car. Making overmats from scratch is a nice, relatively easy classic car trimming project that will not only save you money, but also teach you the skills and basic principles involved in working with carpet and binding edges. Adding overmats can not only smarten up the interior of your classic car but also protect valuable carpets.

The first step covered in this classic car how to guide is showing how best to create a cardboard template in order to cut and shape the carpet to the right size, accurately plot the positions of pedals, curves and other obstacles and how to transfer and cut that out of your raw carpet material. We also discuss which type of carpet to use and why as well as how to select the correct grade, size and material for edge binding.

This video covers: Choosing the right carpet, Making up a template and measuring out, Transferring dimensions onto new carpet with chalk and double-checking. Finally, cutting out new carpet to shape.