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  • 6:17

    How to Identify and Treat Paint Faults in Existing Paintwork

    In this how to video, Michael Coman will help you to understand what causes each different type of paint fault in classic car bodywork in order to help you choose the correct method of preparation and repair for your classic car’s paint. Some faults require only minor surface preparation, whilst others require extensive treatment, often... Read more »

  • 8:43

    How to Choose the Right Paint System for a Bare Metal Respray

    From cellulose to clear over base coat, acrylic and two pack, the variety of classic car paint systems and their applications can be daunting. In this tutorial video Michael shows you how to identify different paint systems. He will help you understand the equipment required and the individual properties of each type of paint to... Read more »

  • 3:36

    What You Need to Mix Paint for Classic Cars Properly

    Mixing paint properly is crucial to achieving a good standard of finish when preparing and painting your classic car restoration project. In this video, Michael not only teaches you how to mix classic car paint properly, but he’ll also show you how to read and understand the manufacturers technical specification sheets. This tutorial video covers... Read more »

  • 13:01

    How to Identify Existing Paint and Primer Types Before Spray Painting Your Classic Car

    When painting a classic car it is essential to identify which type of existing paint or primer is already on your car or repair panel in order to choose the right type of primer, paint and preparation method. In this tutorial video, Michael will show you exactly what you need to know in order to... Read more »

  • 8:44

    Guide to Abrasives for Paint Preparation

    The secret to stunning paintwork when respraying a classic car is in the preparation. With such a baffling array of abrasive tools, papers and materials on the market, Michael will teach you in this video tutorial all you need to know to cut through the hype and choose the right equipment. He explores the various... Read more »

  • 10:03
    Essential Personal Protection Equipment and Safety Guide for Home Paint Spraying

    Essential Personal Protection Equipment and Safety Guide for Home Paint Spraying

    Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is essential when painting classic cars. This video tutorial takes you through the potential hazards and the safety equipment you will need to prevent damage to your health. Michael Coman will show you everything you need for painting classic cars from overalls, goggles, safety glasses, gloves and ear defenders. Crucially he... Read more »

  • 17:36

    How to Renew and Adjust a Ball Type Wheel Roller Bearing

    Wheel bearings are a common MOT failure and source of vibration in classic cars. In this detailed step-by-step guide we cover stripping, cleaning, removal, replacement, fitting and final adjustment of roller bearing type front wheel bearings often found on front wheel drive cars. This includes top tips on replacing bearing races, torque wrench settings, cleaning... Read more »

  • 0:00

    A Guide to Pressed on Bearings on Half Shafts with a Locking Ring

    If rear wheel bearings are causing vibration or have excessive play, Ed Hughes explains how rear wheel bearings on live axle half shafts are fitted and why it is worth sending them to a workshop to be renewed and replaced to prevent the locking ring or wheel bearing from working loose.

  • 6:39

    Hand Tools you Need to Prepare Classic Cars for Painting

    If you are a beginner at painting classic cars you will find a bemusing array of hand tools required to carry out even the simplest of paint repairs. Here we talk you through all the paint preparation tools you need to consider, what they do and how to choose the best ones for your classic... Read more »