Edd China’s Basic Classic Car Health Checks: On the Road Tests

Duration: 4:28

In this video from Edd China’s classic car health check series, Edd shares his on the road checks. It’s important to pick a route that you know well, a route that includes speed bumps, roundabouts, a fast road and an empty deserted road to carry out an emergency stop.

10% of classic car MoT failures are due to brake issues, but the MoT test is usually carried out on a roller brake tester. By driving your classic car at 20mph on a smooth, empty, non-cambered road or car park and applying the brakes you can get a good sense of how your brakes are. Edd also covers an emergency stop, a handbrake test, explains how to gauge if your classic car’s suspension is working correctly, how to notice if the steering is responding as it should and finally the calibration of your speedometer.

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