Michael Coman

Simple Body Repairs

Michael Coman
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This course will teach you five different basic bodywork skills. Michael will demonstrate the methods and techniques required to accomplish:

  • After-weld finishing
  • Filler finishing
  • Panel beating
  • Patch repair
  • Wheelarch fitting

Michael Coman demonstrates how you can achieve a sleek, even finish on a weld. You’ll learn about necessary safety equipment and the correct way to use various grinding and sanding tools. He will deliver expert tips on how you can carefully abrade a weld until it's flush with the surfaces of your newly joined pieces.

Michael will give clear advice on the use of:

  • Grinders
  • Carborundum stones (various thicknesses)
  • Flat discs (various abrasive grades)
  • Beltsanders

Learn how to prepare and apply filler to a dent or repair on your classic. Michael Coman takes you through the correct process of filling and smoothing out a dent, from the initial mixing of filler and peroxide hardener to the final sanding. Michael gives you expert tips to make sure you always get the best possible results.

Michael Coman teaches you how to remove a minor dent. Using the correct tools and some simple car body repair techniques you’ll see how surprisingly easy it can be. You will learn an expert’s methods for panel beating and dent removal. You will also learn the correct techniques involved in the use of:

  • A cross peen finishing hammer
  • Dollies (various shapes)
  • Slapper
  • Mallets (rawhide & rubber)
  • Body file

Replacing rotten metal on your classic can be challenging, but fixing the problem is a lot simpler when you learn from an expert like Michael. In this course you'll learn how to remove corroded metal, create a simple template to fill the gap and, finally, create and weld in the patch that will restore the strength of your vehicle.

Michael Coman explains in simple terms how to achieve successful wheelarch replacement. While doing so, he demonstrates the skills you need to achieve the following:

  • Butt weld
  • Stepped joint
  • Lap weld
  • Plug weld
6 Lessons
1  hrs 16  mins

If you’ve ever had the urge to add car restoration to your skillset, this five-part video series from Skill Shack is just the place to start. With our introductory course, you’ll learn to perfect some of the basic car body repairs necessary to become an auto restoration expert.

How it works

During each class, Practical Classics editor Danny Hopkins and restoration guru Michael Coman will teach you a new skill to practice in your own garage. Follow along as they walk you step by step through the process of completing several essential car body repairs that should be in the wheelhouse of any restorer, novice or pro.

What you’ll learn

Throughout the course, Danny and Michael will demonstrate the methods and techniques required to accomplish these basic car body repairs:

  • Filler finishing
  • Panel beating
  • Patch repair
  • Wheel arch fitting

Of course, what you’d like to learn is entirely up to you. If you’ve done this before and you just need a refresher, don’t hesitate to skip what you know. If you’re just getting your feet wet, we recommend going from the beginning. Once you’ve completed any of these basic car body repairs and consider yourself capable, move along to the next one. Just click on the class you want to watch, and you’re well on your way.

Navigating the course

To get the most from this and other courses by Skill Shack, feel free to stop, start and rewind whenever you need a better understanding of a technique. That’s the beauty of our video classes: if ever we’re moving too fast, all you have to do is go back and watch again. Car restoration can take a ton of practice and even more patience–we’re here to help you get it right, no matter how long we have to stay in the workshop.

That’s about all there is to cover. We hope you enjoy our instruction and fall in love with the art of restoration. If you’re ready, step into the Practical Classics workshop, pick a class and let’s begin.

Michael Coman

Michael is joint owner of Gilbert-Michaelson Automotive Restorations and brings with him a wealth of experience. He’s currently encouraging a new generation of mechanics and engineers in his role as tutor at Leeds College’s Classic Vehicle Restoration Course, where he works with young people to develop their skills. Michael was mad about classics from a young age, his love affair with old cars starting with Minis at the age of 17.

Michael Coman

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