• 16:02

    Preparing Your Classic Car After Winter Storage

    After a period of inactivity, classic cars should be inspected and prepared carefully before it is safe to start them up and put them back on the road for the ppring. In this ‘How to’ video guide from Skill Shack, Ed Hughes takes you through the process of re-commissioning a classic car after the winter…

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  • 20:09

    How to Upgrade From Points to Electronic Ignition

    There are numerous kits available for classic cars to do away with the inefficient mechanical points ignition system and replace with a modern ‘fit and forget’ electronic system. No more gapping points! Whether the system you opt for is magnetic or optical, the principles involved in understanding how it works and how to fit it…

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  • 10:44

    Protecting Your Classic Car for Winter Use

    We support the idea of using classic cars all year round, and if you enjoy your cherished car in all weathers there should be no reason to worry about using the car through the winter – as long as a few simple steps are taken to protect it. We cover all those steps in this…

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  • 16:13

    Correct Winter Storage for Your Classic Car

    If you have opted to hibernate your classic car for the winter and put it into storage, there are a number of hints and tips that will help to ensure that it is preserved and protected right the way through until Spring. In this ‘How to’ video guide from Skill Shack we share with you…

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  • 20:07

    How to Replace a Classic Car (Non-Bonded) Windscreen

    Although it may seem daunting, removing and replacing a non-bonded classic car windscreen is do-able at home with some care and we will show you how. In this video, Ed takes you through the process of how to remove a windscreen yourself. As well as hints and tips along the way he will also let…

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  • how-to-clearn-your-soldering-iron

    Soldering Iron Maintenance – Cleaning Guide

    Cleanliness is key when soldering. It’s good practice to clean the iron. Simply heat the iron and wipe it on a damp piece of tissue paper and you should see the tip of the iron become shiny again with a good coat of solder on it. If this doesn’t work, try letting it cool down…

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  • engine-decoke

    How to Use a Basic Torque Wrench – Top Tips

    Stopping and starting again when using a torque wrench helps ensure a more accurate torque setting. For more information on how to decoke an engine, visit our course How To Remove, Revive And Decoke Your Engine.

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