Danny Hopkins

How to Check Ignition Timing With a Strobe Light

Danny Hopkins
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Duration:   1 mins

Danny and Clive, from the Skill Shack with Practical Classics team, show you how to use a strobe light to check the timing of your classic car, demonstrated here on an MGB.

Timing your ignition system will help increase power, fuel economy and car engine longevity. This clip shows you how to adjust the distributor to a given reading and improve the drivability and reliability of your classic car. A strobe light is the right tool for this job as it fires with the spark on number one cylinder and allows the ignition timing to be adjusted to the correct mark.

For more tips on servicing an MGB, check out our MGB Service Guide course.

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One Response to “How to Check Ignition Timing With a Strobe Light”

  1. Michael

    Most of the really important information - setting up the light, marking the pulley etc. is missed. In addition, how one ensures 'maximum advance' is not even shown! Useless really

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