Edd China’s Basic Classic Car Health Checks: Paperwork and Exterior Checks

Duration: 5:49

Although pre 1960 classic cars are no longer required to pass an MoT test, they must still be roadworthy by law. Performing a classic car health check at home is well within the capability of most owners and even if your classic car isn’t MoT exempt, giving it an MoT at home in readiness for the real one, can save you time and money. 50% of cars that fail the MoT do so for the want of simple maintenance. So with a few hours’ work, and reference to the free manual and checklist on www.gov.uk, you could get a year’s test with no advisories and just as importantly, piece of mind.

In this video, Edd China explains the reasons why a tester might refuse to MoT your classic car, the paperwork you need and also the crucial body work and exterior check you need to perform.

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