Danny Hopkins

How to Make Perfect Workshop Tea

Danny Hopkins
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Duration:   14  mins

Join Matt and Danny from the Practical Classics team in the workshop (filmed prior to the Covid-19 outbreak) in an entertaining SkillShack video on how to make the perfect cuppa in your workshop.

Matt has been drinking tea for over 8 years now, and Danny is a highly qualified tea maker, with over 35 years experience under his belt, so there’s no-one better suited within the SkillShack with Practical Classics team to present this tea-making training video.

In this video, Danny explains the importance of the set-up of your tea-making station, along with the processes and methods involved in making the perfect cup of workshop tea. Bag-defusing and bag-squeeze scenarios are covered, milk first or milk last tests are conducted and the optimum brew-time, as for the ideal biscuit for dunking… we leave that up to you!

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2 Responses to “How to Make Perfect Workshop Tea”

  1. Mark Sexton

    Informative video, but could you please outline methods for preparing workshop coffee? I did notice the raw materials lurking beside the beverage station!

  2. Andy Gill

    Well, although very informative throughout, not enough was made of the spilling of every component onto the bench area, and subsequent dismissal of cleaning up afterward. Perhaps a follow up video could address these issues. Additionally, you should make it clear that De-caff tea is a no-no !!

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