How to Install a Car Radio Download


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Regardless of whether you are fitting a car radio to a classic car for the first time, or replacing an older unit with a more modern car radio installation, this SkillShack video lesson will talk you through the basics. Many classic cars were equipped with radios, but for those that weren’t, adding in – car entertainment can be a nice DIY upgrade.

We start off by discussing the various sizes of apertures and their restrictions on installation. This SkillShack video then shows you how to undertake the basic wiring of the car stereo head unit into the vehicle, where to locate the radio and also how to install the various fixings, mountings and attachments. We cover the basic principles of loudspeakers to help you purchase the right ones to compliment your system before installing a radio for real on our Triumph 2000 and finishing this SkillShack video tutorial with how to choose and install the correct aerial for a classic car radio.

This video covers:

  • Classic car Radio aperture(s) and radio DIN sizes.
  • Classic car Radio wiring (simple radio)
  • Classic car Radio wiring (modern radio)
  • Classic car Speaker wiring
  • Classic car Aerial wiring