Stuck Clutch

If your classic car has been laid up for a long time, there is a chance that the clutch may have ‘stuck’. The friction disc is held tightly between the flywheel and the pressure plate when the pedal’s released. When the car stands unused for a long time, the disc may start to adhere to the flywheel and pressure plate. This may be due to rust or to the resins used to manufacture the friction material. To free it, you can probably shock it free. Warm the engine up in neutral, stop it, engage first gear then restart it with the clutch depressed. It’s helpful to have a space in front of the car, because if this doesn’t free it then the shocks produced by kangarooing out of the parking space often will. Alternatively, secure it firmly on axle stands with the driven wheel elevated, start it in third gear, run it up to 20 or 30mph, then slam the brakes on. It’s wise to chock the undriven wheels before attempting this – and make sure there’s some space in front of the car in case of a mishap.

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