Spark Plug Cash Saver

Spark Plug Cash SaverDid you know?…

Spark plugs can last far longer than the stated service intervals suggest. In fact, if the engine’s running correctly they can last almost indefinitely. Check the gaps every 3000 to 6000 miles and clean them with a brass-bristled wire brush, if necessary. If they’re showing no signs of damage or erosion, they’re good to go again. If the engine starts to run on three cylinders and you trace it to a faulty plug, change the whole set.

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  1. Gary Grant
    Gary Grant

    Hi, is a colourtune set still effective for modern petrol that contains ether oil? As I used to use colourtune with old 4 star, and definitely saw the difference between a blue and orange spark.

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  2. Mikebro

    It’s also important that the gap is correct. Use the correct thickness feeler gauge and tap the plug gently on a hard surface until it just grips the feeler gauge. 25 thou was typical for a points ignition engine, but your car’s service manual should have the correct figure for your car..

    • Cyril Kay
      Cyril Kay

      When I was a mechanic on petrol engines back in the 1950s a quick way of gapping the plugs was your thumbnail which is near enough 25 thou as shaking a dogs tail