Distributor Maintenance Check

Distributor Maintenance CheckIt’s important to keep the cam in your distributor lightly lubricated to prevent premature wear of the heal of your points. A light smear of grease is best, unless there is an oiling felt provided – which should be lightly oiled periodically. Put a dab of oil on the points post, too – plus a few drops on the screw underneath the rotor arm, which will work its way down to the bob-weights of the mechanical advance mechanism.

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3 Responses to “Distributor Maintenance Check”

  1. mike

    good info a reminder that the same applies to the distributor on the 50's motor cycle thanks

  2. John Grundy

    Always check the condition of the base plate earth lead

  3. Heath Michael Greenway

    Could you label the parts in the picture so I know which is which?