FREE DOWNLOADS: Classic Car Electrics

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Classic Electrics Introduction – The Can-Do Guide

As with most projects it’s important to first learn the essential techniques and then challenge yourself with the more complicated practical scenarios. To help you gain an introductory understanding of classic car electrics, Ed Hughes demonstrates the simple theories behind classic car electrics, with some practical advice.

1 minute


Classic Electrics – Principles Explained And Applied

In the first step of our five-part course, Ed Hughes teaches you the basics of electricity and how these basics apply to the wiring on your classic car. You’ll learn the key terms that will come in handy later in the series, including the essential technology that connects your car’s electrical components to the car’s battery.

7 minutes


Classic Wiring Tools – How To Join Two Wires

Discover the basic set of tools you’ll need to complete a number of electrical jobs on your classic car. Ed Hughes introduces the tools of the electricians trade (including how to use a multimeter) and then demonstrates the quick methods he uses to join two wires.

11 minutes


Circuit Diagrams Explained – Faultfinding Guide

More often than not, an electrical issue on a classic car is as simple as replacing a fuse or faulty wire. But how do you track them down? Ed teaches you how to read a circuit diagram on your classic car to discover where the faulty component might be in your car’s system.

9 minutes


How To Install Auxiliary Lights – Step By Step Guide

Now that you know how to join two wires and you have a basic understanding of circuit diagrams, it’s time to try your hand at a simple project. Learn how to use essential tools and your new knowledge of electrical wiring to install auxiliary lights to the front of your classic car.

10 minutes


Classic Ignition Wiring Explained And Explored

In the final class of our course on classic car electrics, Ed teaches you about the ignition system on your car. He discusses the two halves of the ignition system, explains how the system is wired to the rest of a car, and then shows you how to trace faults.

8 minutes