FREE DOWNLOADS: Basic Engine Maintenance For Classic Cars

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An Introduction To Classic Engine Maintenance

During this course, Danny and Ed will demonstrate the following basic engine maintenance techniques you’ll need to keep your car’s engine in peak condition:

  • Basic engine servicing
  • Checking an engine for wear
  • Setting valve clearances
  • Timing the ignition/replacing and gapping points
  • Checking the carburettor
  • 2 minutes


    Basic Engine Servicing Top Tips

    In this class, you will learn how to change your engine’s oil, which oil to use, how to inspect and replace oil and air filters, coolant advice ?and how to diagnosing your engine’s health from its spark plugs.

    22 minutes


    How To Check Your Engine For Wear And Tear

    In this class Ed explains how you can learn a great deal about you engine’s general health by inspecting a few key components and completing a test or two. You will learn how to:

  • Assess an engine’s oil consumption
  • Listen for rattles
  • Make sure you’ve installed the correct oil filter
  • Monitor ignition timing and diagnose simple faults
  • 16 minutes


    How To Set Valve Clearances – The Easy Guide

    In this class, Ed teaches you how to inspect and adjust valve clearances to guarantee they are set correctly. You will learn how to use a feeler gauge and correctly set the tappits using the rule of 9 (on 4 cylinder engines).

    11 minutes


    Timing The Ignition And Replacing And Gapping Points

    In this class, Ed teaches the techniques you will need maintain your classic’s ignition system. You will learn how to set and change contact breaker points,? assess and replace a condenser and time the ignition.

    13 minutes


    Carburettor Checks – The Step By Step Guide

    In this class Ed takes you step by step through the servicing of an engine’s carburettor. You’ll learn the basics of the carburettor and discover how to make sure it is in proper working condition.

    19 minutes