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Simple Body Repairs

Simple Body Repairs – Introduction

This course will teach you four different basic bodywork skills. Michael will demonstrate the methods and techniques required to accomplish:

  • Filler finishing
  • Panel beating
  • Patch repair
  • Wheel arch fitting
  • 1 minute


    How To Get The Best Finish After Welding

    Michael Coman demonstrates how you can achieve a sleek, even finish on a weld. You’ll learn about necessary safety equipment and the correct way to use various grinding and sanding tools. He will deliver expert tips on how you can carefully abrade a weld until it is flush with the surfaces of your newly joined pieces.

    Michael will give clear advice on the use of:

  • Grinders
  • Carborundum Stones (various thicknesses)
  • Flat Disks (various abrasive grades)
  • Belt Sanders
  • 6 minutes


    How To Create A Perfect Finish With Body Filler

    Learn how to prepare and apply filler to a dent or repair on your classic. Michael Coman takes you through the correct process of filling and smoothing out a dent, from the initial mixing of filler and peroxide hardener to the final sanding. Michael gives you expert tips to make sure you always get the best possible results.

    20 minutes


    The Basic Guide To Panel Beating – Expert Tips

    Michael Coman teaches you how to remove a minor dent. Using the correct tools and some simple car body repair techniques you will learn how easy it is to sort your own dents out. You will learn an expert’s methods for panel beating and dent removal. You will also learn the correct techniques involved in the use of:

  • A Cross Peen Finishing Hammer
  • Dolleys (various shapes)
  • Slapper
  • Mallets (Rawhide & Rubber)
  • Body File
  • 13 minutes


    MIG Welding Masterclass: Welding A Patch Repair

    Replacing rotten metal on your classic can be challenging, but fixing the problem is a lot simpler when you learn from an expert like Michael. In this course you will learn how to remove corroded metal, create a simple template to fill the gap and finally create and weld in the patch that will restore the strength of your vehicle.

    20 minutes


    How To Weld In A New Wheel Arch Panel – Step By Step

    Michael Coman teaches you the correct way to weld a new wheel arch. Michael will explain in simple terms the steps required in making wheelarch replacement achievable and successful and along the way will demonstrate the skills required in:

  • Butt weld
  • Stepped joint
  • Lap weld
  • Plug weld
  • 15 minutes


    Classic Car Electrics

    Classic Electrics Introduction – The Can-Do Guide

    As with most projects it’s important to first learn the essential techniques and then challenge yourself with the more complicated practical scenarios. To help you gain an introductory understanding of classic car electrics, Ed Hughes demonstrates the simple theories behind classic car electrics, with some practical advice.

    1 minute


    Classic Electrics – Principles Explained And Applied

    In the first step of our five-part course, Ed Hughes teaches you the basics of electricity and how these basics apply to the wiring on your classic car. You’ll learn the key terms that will come in handy later in the series, including the essential technology that connects your car’s electrical components to the car’s battery.

    7 minutes


    Classic Wiring Tools – How To Join Two Wires

    Discover the basic set of tools you’ll need to complete a number of electrical jobs on your classic car. Ed Hughes introduces the tools of the electricians trade (including how to use a multimeter) and then demonstrates the quick methods he uses to join two wires.

    11 minutes


    Circuit Diagrams Explained – Faultfinding Guide

    More often than not, an electrical issue on a classic car is as simple as replacing a fuse or faulty wire. But how do you track them down? Ed teaches you how to read a circuit diagram on your classic car to discover where the faulty component might be in your car’s system.

    9 minutes


    How To Install Auxiliary Lights – Step By Step Guide

    Now that you know how to join two wires and you have a basic understanding of circuit diagrams, it’s time to try your hand at a simple project. Learn how to use essential tools and your new knowledge of electrical wiring to install auxiliary lights to the front of your classic car.

    10 minutes


    Classic Ignition Wiring Explained And Explored

    In the final class of our course on classic car electrics, Ed teaches you about the ignition system on your car. He discusses the two halves of the ignition system, explains how the system is wired to the rest of a car, and then shows you how to trace faults.

    8 minutes


    Basic Engine Maintenance For Classic Cars

    An Introduction To Classic Engine Maintenance

    During this course, Danny and Ed will demonstrate the following basic engine maintenance techniques you’ll need to keep your car’s engine in peak condition:

  • Basic engine servicing
  • Checking an engine for wear
  • Setting valve clearances
  • Timing the ignition/replacing and gapping points
  • Checking the carburettor
  • 2 minutes


    Basic Engine Servicing Top Tips

    In this class, you will learn how to change your engine’s oil, which oil to use, how to inspect and replace oil and air filters, coolant advice ?and how to diagnosing your engine’s health from its spark plugs.

    22 minutes


    How To Check Your Engine For Wear And Tear

    In this class Ed explains how you can learn a great deal about you engine’s general health by inspecting a few key components and completing a test or two. You will learn how to:

  • Assess an engine’s oil consumption
  • Listen for rattles
  • Make sure you’ve installed the correct oil filter
  • Monitor ignition timing and diagnose simple faults
  • 16 minutes


    How To Set Valve Clearances – The Easy Guide

    In this class, Ed teaches you how to inspect and adjust valve clearances to guarantee they are set correctly. You will learn how to use a feeler gauge and correctly set the tappits using the rule of 9 (on 4 cylinder engines).

    11 minutes


    Timing The Ignition And Replacing And Gapping Points

    In this class, Ed teaches the techniques you will need maintain your classic’s ignition system. You will learn how to set and change contact breaker points,? assess and replace a condenser and time the ignition.

    13 minutes


    Carburettor Checks – The Step By Step Guide

    In this class Ed takes you step by step through the servicing of an engine’s carburettor. You’ll learn the basics of the carburettor and discover how to make sure it is in proper working condition.

    19 minutes