Simple Body Repairs

with Michael Coman

What your course includes:

  • In-depth instruction; five detailed classes
  • On-demand video – access any time
  • Pay once, view anywhere on any device
  • Bonus material included (see below)

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If you’re looking to improve your bodywork skills this five-part video course is the perfect place to start. You’ll learn to perfect some of the basic car body repair techniques necessary to complete essential tasks on your classic.

How it works

Each course is divided into five individual classes covering a single topic. Each class, introduced by Practical Classics Magazine editor Danny Hopkins, features new skills for you to practise in your garage, taught simply and clearly by restoration guru Michael Coman.

What you’ll learn

In each class Michael demonstrates the methods you need to master to accomplish the following basic car body repair techniques:

  • Filler finishing
  • Basic panel beating
  • How to do a patch repair
  • How to fit a new wheelarch

You can learn at you own speed and in your own way, choosing to select one course or all of them depending on your requirements. Just click on the class you want to watch, and you’re on your way.

Navigating the course

To get the most from this and other courses by Skill Shack, feel free to stop, start and rewind whenever you need a better understanding of a technique. That’s the beauty of our video classes: if ever we’re moving too fast, all you have to do is go back and watch again. We’re here to help you get it right, and no matter how long we have to stay in the workshop we’ll be right there, by your side.

So, step into the Practical Classics workshop, pick a class and get cracking.

Michael Coman

Michael is joint owner of Gilbert-Michaelson Automotive Restorations and brings with him a wealth of experience. He’s currently encouraging a new generation of mechanics and engineers in his role as tutor at Leeds College’s Classic Vehicle Restoration Course, where he works with young people to develop their skills. Michael was mad about classics from a young age, his love affair with old cars starting with Minis at the age of 17.

Bonus Materials Included

  • Repairing paint chips and scabs
  • Repair rusty door corners
  • Window removal
  • Planning your restoration