How to Recolour Faded Leather Trim

with Matt Tomkins and the Leather Repair Company
Clean, Recolour and Protect Faded Leather Trim - Step by Step


What your course includes:

  • One in-depth video class
  • On-demand video – access any time
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  • Bonus material included

This course will teach you how to recolour and detail leather seats, so you can get a new look interior for a fraction of the price of a retrim. In this course, Matt Tomkins from Practical Classics magazine and Brad from the Leather repair Company will show you the correct techniques for stripping the colour from your leather seats and trim. You will also learn the correct way to recolour and protect the newly recoloured seats and leather. This is also applicable to vinyl seats and interiors.

What will you learn?

  • The products, equipment and safety tips for stripping colour from leather
  • The techniques to remove the old colour from a pair of seats
  • Applying the new colour in layers
  • How to seal colour in with lacquer

Learn at your own pace

Naturally, what you take away from these videos is entirely your choice. You work at your own pace and in your own way. We try to be as clear as possible in our instruction, but we don’t expect you to nail every technique on first viewing. With Skill Shack you can stop, start and go back at any point in each class.

Matt Tomkins and the Leather Repair Company

Bonus Materials Included

  • How to Mend Ripped Upholstery