How to Get Rid of Rust

with Matt Tomkins and Ian Allen
How to Get Rid of Rust Introduction


Included in Your Course:

  • How to prepare your car for rust proofing
  • How and when to use rust converters
  • How to apply cavity wax to ensure maximum coverage
  • How to achieve the perfect underbody coating
  • Protect new welds from rust

How to Get Rid of Rust will show you how to protect your car from the dreaded tin-worm. A little time invested now will pay dividends in years to come. Our expert, Ian Allen, shares some top tips for corrosion-free engineering throughout your restoration. So no matter what stage your project is at, you’ll be able to benefit from this course.

How it works

In each class, Ian Allen from Rustbuster and Matt Tomkins from Practical Classics teach you a different set of techniques to allow you to prevent and cure rust like a professional, stopping the tin worm before it does too much damage.

What you’ll learn

Ian and Matt demonstrate and discuss the following rust prevention techniques:

  • How to prepare your car for rustproofing
  • How and when to use rust converters
  • How and where to apply cavity wax and ensure maximum coverage
  • How To Achieve The Perfect Underbody Coating
  • How to protect new welds from rust (corrosion free engineering)

Classes 1,2 and 4 show you the steps to perfect underbody protection and are best followed in order, but what you take away from these videos is entirely your choice. Click on the class you need or go for the whole course – in or out of sequence. We try to be as clear as possible in our instruction, but we don’t expect you to nail every technique on first viewing. With Skill Shack you can stop, start and rewind at any point in each class. You work at your own pace and in your own way.

Matt Tomkins and Ian Allen