Basic Engine Maintenance For Classic Cars

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  • In-depth instruction; five detailed classes
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  • Bonus material included (see below)

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Basic engine maintenance will help ensure a long and healthy working life for your classic car. Learn from Ed the tricks of the trade that will keep your engine happy. Learn tips on careful inspection and timely parts replacement. Over these instructional video classes from Skill Shack, we will help you discover the methods professionals use to keep classic cars running in tip-top shape.

How Does It Work?

Couldn’t be simpler: in each class Ed Hughes teaches you a different set of techniques that will soon have you caring for your engine like a professional.

What Will You Learn?

Ed demonstrates the following basic engine maintenance techniques:

  • Basic engine servicing
  • Checking an engine for wear
  • Setting valve clearances
  • Timing the ignition/replacing and gapping points
  • Checking the carburettor

Naturally, what you take away from these videos is entirely your choice. Click on the class you need or go for the whole course. We try to be as clear as possible in our instruction, but we don’t expect you to nail every technique on first viewing. With Skill Shack you can stop, start and rewind at any point in each class. You work at your own pace and in your own way.

So, pick one of the classes on the right-hand side and let’s get our hands dirty.

Customer Service Techs

Bonus Materials Included

  • How to Start Up a Laid-up Engine
  • Dealing With a Clicking Starter Motor
  • How a Radiator Cap Works
  • Planning Your Restoration