• basics-of-mig-welding

    Here, Joggle joints are explored and demonstrated. This is a relatively simple yet effective way to join two panels.

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  • Basics of MIG Welding: Getting the correct angle

    Consistency is key when welding, and maintaining the correct angle of your torch is essential. Work away from the nozzle and push the gas into the weld.

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  • 11:38

    We are now aware of a couple different types of welding. The next and final step is to make sure we fully understand their uses and decide which type of weld we should apply in a certain situation. To help you make that decision, Ben introduces a variety of scenarios and discusses the tools and joints he recommends using for each.

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  • 13:57

    Unlike MIG welding, its cousin TIG welding does not require a wire to operate–instead it uses tungsten and gas to create the weld. In this class, Ben teaches you the basics of TIG welding, discussing the theory behind its methods and demonstrating the essential techniques you’ll need to complete a TIG weld on your classic car.

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  • 21:11

    Now that we’ve gotten the basics down and we know what to expect with a weld, it’s time to put theory into practice by completing a real weld on our classic car. Ben Field walks you step by step through the process, demonstrating expert techniques, including working along curves and maintaining a safe welding space throughout.

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  • 7:27

    Once we’ve run our wire and set and enabled the gas, it’s time to try our hand at the first weld. Ben walks you through the initial steps of a weld, teaching you in practice.

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  • 6:55

    Getting started with a MIG welder requires setting up the wire and the gas. Ben Field teaches you the proper technique for preparing a MIG welder for the actual welding process.

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  • 1:49

    Learning to create a weld for your classic car can help you avoid a very pricy service charge and a long holdover in the auto shop. Instead of relying on someone else to do the job, we’re going to teach you how to MIG weld so you can complete a basic repair on your classic car in your own garage. It simply takes practice, patience and maybe an expert guide.

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  • Welding a Simple Patch Repair

    Taking care of a rotten part on your car can be challenging, but fixing the problem before it spreads is highly important for the overall integrity of the body. Michael Coman helps you through the often difficult process of removing a corroded section from a car’s frame and welding a simple patch to fill the gap and restore the strength of your vehicle.

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