• How to Get Rid of Rust

    Getting Rid of Rust – an Introduction

    In How to Get Rid of Rust, you’ll learn how to prevent and treat rust on your car. Our expert guide, Ian Allen, will take you through the various stages to ensure a rust-free car and worry-free motoring for years to come. A small investment now could save you the cost of complete restoration further down the line.

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  • 1:05

    Carburettor Dashpot Oil – What to Use When

    It is very important that the dashpot on your carburettor is filled with oil, preventing fluctuations in fuel/air mixture under acceleration. SU damper oil is designed specifically for this job. For more helpful tips and tricks, check out our MGB Service Guide course.

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  • 0:46

    How to Check Ignition Timing With a Strobe Light

    Danny and Clive, from the Skill Shack with Practical Classics team, show you how to use a strobe light to check the timing of your classic car, demonstrated here on an MGB. Timing your ignition system will help increase power, fuel economy and car engine longevity. This clip shows you how to adjust the distributor…

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  • 1:02

    How to Set Your Classic’s Points

    A correct contact breaker gap will help considerably with the running of your engine. Ed shows you how to get the perfect gap. For more helpful tips, see our Basic Engine Maintenance For Classic Cars course.

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  • Simple Body Repairs - Class 3

    How to Use a Body File to Show High and Low Spots on a Damaged Panel

    Ascertaining which are high and low spots of a damaged area on a panel is the starting point for any body repair. A body file enables you to see where these are to enable you to carry out the repair. For more helpful tips from Skill Shack, check out our Simple Body Repairs course.

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  • car body filler

    How to Use Body Filler to Create a Good Finish

    A top tip on using car body filler. Michael explains how modern technology plays an important role in modern fillers. The chemistry of the fillers make them ideally suited to a variety of different roles. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SIMPLE BODY REPAIRS

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  • how-to-clean-and-detail-your-car

    Classic Car Detailing – Intro and Cleaning Tips

    With each class in the course, Bert and Rich from Professional Valeters, will teach you about the right products, equipment and techniques to use to wash and detail your car. Follow Bert and Rich as they demonstrate how to achieve perfect wheels, remove deeply embedded grime, machine polish like a professional and more.

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  • 1:10

    How to Set Tappets Using the ‘Rule of Nine’

    Setting tappets can be a faff, but the rule of nine on a 4-cylinder engine can make the whole task that much simpler. For more helpful tips from Skill Shack, check out our Basic Engine Maintenance course.

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  • How to Date Tires

    How to Check and Age Your Classic Tyres

    Tyre rubber deteriorates over time, and should be replaced once it gets too old. Matt and Danny explain the dating system used on modern tyres. For more helpful tips and techniques, be sure to check out our MGB Service Guide course.

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