In this online video course, you will be able to build upon skills learned in the “Basics of MIG Welding” and “Simple Body Repairs” courses, or come to it fresh if you just want to improve your welding skills. With INTERMEDIATE WELDING, I will teach you additional welding techniques you can use on your own classic car.


There are 6 detailed video classes in this course, and you can follow along with me as I teach you some of the key elements of intermediate welding; from welding a variety of joints to trouble shooting the most common welding faults.

And with this special offer of 33% OFF, now is a great time to add this course and the knowledge behind it to your expanding range of welding skills. With our detailed instruction, these online classes are full of great information and helpful tips to do it right every time.


I’ll start off with how to weld the different joints you might find on your restoration project. You will learn how to perform Plug welds, Butt welds, T-joints and Outside corner welds.

Then we’ll move on to welding in difficult positions. Working on the bench is all well and good while you’re learning, but it’s rare to find joints that need welding in easily accessible locations on your car. I’ll show you how to weld in both vertical and upside-down positions in the horizontal plane. I’ll also talk you through the various safety considerations you need to bear in mind when welding in these positions and the adjustments you should make to your welder to simplify your job. Above all, listen for the sizzle!

Next you’ll learn how to weld thick metal, and how to ascertain whether your welder is up to the job. In this class you’ll learn:
• What duty cycle means in the real world
• How to prepare material for the best welding results, including removing millscale

This is where it gets really exciting…putting theory into practice! Our Peugeot 104 has rusted on the chassis leg and outrigger, so I’ll show you how to prepare the damaged area, and how to tack and weld the patches and neatly finish off the area. You’ll get to see a real world example of what you’ve learned so far.

All this hands on instruction includes helping you understand the various considerations you need to bear in mind when choosing the right welder. From duty cycle to torches, wire reel capacity to gas canister compatibility, I’ll talk you through it all.

Troubleshooting is an important part of any project you work on in the garage, and there are a number of common errors that people often make when welding their classic car. I’ll share my troubleshooting tips to help you get to the bottom of the problem. I’ll walk you through:
• Selecting the right gas
• Preparing the material to be welded
• Setting up your MIG welder correctly, including wire speed, gas flow, power settings 

You can use this class to identify where you’re going wrong and refine your welds to look as good as mine!


The great thing about our online video courses is you get to choose what you want to learn and at what pace. All you have to do is click your desired topic and get on with it!

If you want to see me go over something again, rewind and watch as of often as you need. Car restoration, and especially welding, takes a lot of patience and we want to help you get it right.

When you purchase this course, you’ll have permanent access to it. No long-term commitment, no future cost. It’s all yours.

Please join me today in the INTERMEDIATE WELDING course. And you can get it now for 33% OFF the regular price!

I look forward to working with you.
Michael Coman