So, what's new from Skill Shack?

Each one of these online instructional video courses gives you the complete step-by-step guidance you need on detailing the interior of your classic car. Expert instructors Matt Tomkins and Ed Hughes will teach you everything you need to know. PLUS, each course comes with bonus material available for download. Here’s a rundown of each course and what you will learn.

How to make and upholster new door cards

Over time door cards can get warped and water damaged, so fitting a new set is a simple way to make your car's interior look great. Ed Hughes shares his tips on choosing the right types of material to use to make the door cards, the

tools required and how to prepare a set of bare door cards. To sew a design into the upholstery isn't difficult, and Ed shows you how to create a decorative stitching effect. Finally he shows you how to attach the new facings to the door cards and how to fit the card into the car door to achieve a neat and tidy finish.

What will you learn?
How to make the board, including the right materials to use
Covering the board in padding and vinyl
How to create a decorative stitching effect on the facing
Attaching the facing to the door cards
How to fit the door cards to your car

How to re-trim your door cards
Wooden trim

How to recolour faded leather trim

This course will teach you how to recolour and detail leather seats, so you can get a new–look interior for a fraction of the price of a retrim. Matt Tomkins will show you the correct techniques for stripping the colour from your leather seats and trim. You will also learn the correct way to recolour and protect the newly recoloured seats and leather. This is also applicable to vinyl seats and interiors.

What will you learn?
The products, equipment and safety tips for stripping colour from leather
The techniques to remove the old colour from a pair of seats
Applying the new colour in layers
How to seal colour in with lacquer

How to mend ripped upholstery

Sewing for classic trim: the basics of machine sewing

Understanding how to operate a sewing machine for simple automotive projects can save you a great deal of money - you can enhance the appearance of trim and even make new seat covers. In this course Ed Hughes shows you how to choose a cheap and robust sewing machine; how to set it up and how to get the best out of it so you can use it to give home-made trim a more professional appearance. Save thousands by learning to trim your own classic.

What will you learn?
How to choose a machine
How it works and dealing with thread jams
Setting up the machine
How to adjust the thread tension to get a stitch that's
identical top and bottom
Working with heavier materials

How to re-upholster your seats part 1
How to re-upholster your seats part 2
How to mend ripped upholstery

How to clean and revive classic leather trim

In this course, Matt Tomkins will teach you the basics of leather cleaning and revival: how to keep the patina, make it look superb and protect it for the long-term. He’ll show you how to clean leather seats and trim correctly without damaging it or causing the leather to fade. You will also learn the correct techniques and products used to feed, revive and protect your car's leather interior.

What will you learn?
How to assess the condition of your leather car seats
How to clean and treat damaged areas of leather
The products and accessories you should and shouldn’t use to clean
classic leather trim
How to preserve and feed your leather
Protecting your leather seats

How to mend ripped upholstery

How to refurbish a door card

Often the door card in a classic car will warp due to water, which naturally gets past the wind-down window seals in large quantities, finding its way onto the door card. In this course Ed Hughes shows you how to replace the board and reuse the old upholstery. He demonstrates how to remove the old door card, assess the card, clean it and make local repairs. Ed will also teach you how to attach and detach classic trim and explains the options available when reviving your interior.

What will you learn?
How to remove door cards
Removing the old facings
How to make a new board
Reattaching upholstery
Refit the door card to your car door

How to re-trim your door cards
Wooden trim


Naturally, what you take away from these videos is entirely your choice. You work at your own pace and in your own way. We try to be as clear as possible in our instruction, but we don’t expect you to nail every technique on first viewing. With Skill Shack you can stop, start and go back at any point in each class.

Checkout all of these great new courses available to you from Skill Shack with Practical Classics. For only £6.99 each, you can get started on learning the skills necessary to detail the interior of your classic and keep it looking good for years to come.