Whether your car is experiencing faulty wiring or you’re looking to install auxiliary lighting, we’ve got the tips and expert advice needed to do many of the jobs yourself. In this course I will demonstrate and teach the essential classic car electrics techniques you will need so you can then challenge yourself on the more complicated scenarios.


With each of the five classes, you’ll discover a new skill that you can implement in your own garage and grow more confident as a classic car electrician.

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In the first step of our five-part course, I’ll teach you the basics of electricity and how these apply to the wiring on your classic car. You’ll learn the key terms that will come in handy later in the series, including the essential technology that connects your car’s electrical components to the car’s battery.

Next you will discover the basic set of tools you’ll need to complete a number of electrical jobs on your classic car. I’ll introduce you to the tools of the electrician’s trade (including how to use a multimeter) and then demonstrate the quick methods to join two wires.

Once you understand how to join two wires and you have a basic understanding of circuit diagrams, it’s time to try your hand at a simple project. In this class you’ll learn how to use essential tools and your new knowledge of electrical wiring to install auxiliary lights to the front of your classic car.

In the final class you’ll learn all about the ignition system on your car. We’ll discuss the two halves of the ignition system, and I’ll explain how the system is wired to the rest of a car, and then show you how to trace faults.


With Skill Shack courses, it’s easy to pause, rewind and review again if you feel like you’re lost; or skip ahead in the classes if we’re going over ground you already know.

Since this is a hands-on course, I hope you’ll take the tips you learn here and apply them to the car in your own garage.

Please join me today in the Classic Car Electrics course. And you can get it now for 30% OFF the regular price!

I look forward to working with you.
Ed Hughes